Thursday, 8 August 2013

Way to go...

The aim of 'Velodrome Passport' (VP) is to create partnerships that make it easier (and more likely) for amateur track riders to participate in track training and racing while travelling to other countries. 
Visited velodromes; Herne Hill 1948 Olympic, Newport, Manchester, Roubaix, London 2012 Olympic, Roubaix Stablinski, Ghent Eddy Merckx, Vélodrome de Toulon Provence Méditerranée Hyères, Velodrome Amsterdam,  and Barcelona 1982 Olympic Horta. All of the people working and volunteering at these velodromes are supportive to this proposal.

Why & what for - Velodrome Passport? 
If away on travels why not maintain fitness and track speed on the go? Getting onto to do it varies from place to place. Racing against new faces and guests is interesting and adds variety to the track league for instance. Forging relations while  participating helps to make networks for track users and velodromes without frontiers. 'Save the Velodrome' campaigns could be strengthened across boarders. New riders create a 'buzz' and make racing more interesting and most probably faster. 
Safety first; to avoid unqualified riders reaching the track at the wrong time a 'passport' accreditation certificate in an ideal to work towards. This would be where participating velodromes will recognise and accept a qualified track cyclist as good to go. 
Those with an interest in attracting visitors to velodrome venues may find this useful and offer support. Travelling youth and junior riders are inspired and further enthused about the sport, bringing with them a brighter future in track cycle training and racing.

Keir Apperley

2008 Masters National Track Championships - Newport South Wales

With Mario at Horta Barcelona Catalunya

Training session Vélodrome de Toulon Provence Méditerranée Hyere South France


With lead coach at Horta Velodrome - Jaume Mas

Judith Philip by Stablinski Velodrome Roubaix France March 2013

On the boards inside at the Stab Velodrome

Eddy Merckx Velodrome - Ghent Belgium March 2013

The outdoor & venerable old Roubaix Velodrome in France

With coach Xavier in Hyere near Toulon France
Maddison racing on London 1948 Olympic track - Herne Hill Velodrome

2012 World Masters Track Championships Manchester Velodrome

Volunteering at the London Olympic Velodrome February 2012